Distilled Pamphlets The Art of the Possible

Dear Partners,

It's my pleasure to share with you the successes we've achieved on behalf of Distilled Magazine in our first year. Although many questions are still unanswered, Distilled has helped increase intelligent discourse. We maximized the use of our four magazine issues and daily web publication to continually achieve our lofty goals of asking fundamentally difficult questions and answering them intelligently. We have worked hard in order to help you become thoughtfully engaged and connected with the global readership and author base acting as a bridge of educated discourse.

Since July 2012, we have brought together people from all corners of the globe to share, learn and act. Growing our web publication to a sustainable level of daily, new content and with four issues of our themed magazine has allowed us to understand and deal with the complex relationships among people, organizations, and institutions. This massive growth led to the decision for a more formal leadership structure. I have been brought on as Executive Director to help grow the organization and free up the resources of our editors, so that we may bring you more hard hitting, original articles, asking and answering the tough questions.

While working with various non-profits in an executive capacity, I have also served on the boards of directors of several non-profit, business, and community boards. In so doing, I have built extensive senior level managerial experience in the non-profit and business sector with a record of success in getting initiatives off the ground and flourishing. Through years of serving on civic and nonprofit boards, I have found that there is an effective way to help: to be present and to lend your expertise. By listening to the problem and assessing before acting, there is the chance to effect change in a positive and sustainable way. This is not only compatible with Distilled’s mission it is central to it.

With over 30,000 views since our inception in July 2012, we have published over 200 articles on an interdisciplinary range of topics and interests. Reaching over two thousand unique pageviews a month, we have doubled our readership this past month and the month before it. We have grown our interest, our scope, and our reach.

Acting on our belief that we all have a role to play, we have invited and continue to invite your submissions. We've increased our internal capacity, growing our editorial board, hiring an Executive Director, and welcoming several long-term, skilled contributors. I am delighted with the new perspectives they bring.

As our first year has come to a close, we developed a strategic direction that will guide our organization's activities for the next year. Our services and expertise are in high demand, and thanks to strong supporters, we have the capacity to respond. I invite you to read our latest issue of the magazine ‘The Art of the Possible.’

Together, we are bridging the gap of intelligent discourse.

Nicole Rodgers
Executive Director of Distilled Magazine